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PostPosted: Mon Aug 27, 2012 2:11 am
by Gergzerg
Name: Greg

In-game name: Gergzerg

Age: 23

Where are you and when can you play?
Hawaii (Will be moving in December back to Maryland)

Share some things about yourself outside of video games: I'm in Hawai'ian timezone, and I'm in the Army so I work a lot and my hours don't make any sense for east coasty goodness, but right when I usually get off work on a weekday here is primetime on the mainland so that works nicely, my weekend schedule is totally free unless I get picked for a 24h guard shift, and I'll be getting out of the Army in December, after which I'll have all the time in the world for Planetside! I'm super super super stoked to see all of you again, FS was such an amazing group back in the day, I love disciplined planned operations and not to be too creepy but FS was a pretty major part of my life when I was a teenager. I'm totally pumped.

Teamspeak is required. Can you get on and at least listen to Teamspeak?

How did you hear about us and why do you want to join?
Was a member in PS1 until I quit, and a member one of the founding outfits from the merger. I can't remember which one though, it's been quite some time. Whichever one Opirr came from. GeppititusC told me we were getting back together.

Do you prefer to play any certain roles in-game or are you comfortable jumping from role to role to fit the needs of the situation?
I'm all about teamwork and enjoy infantry support roles(I can't fly like... at all)

What can you bring to the table?
I'm awesome.

What do you expect out of Forgotten Soldiers members and officers?
Same good shit from PS1!

In three sentences, brag about yourself:
I'm awesome. I'm pretty awesome. GeppititusC is cooler than me but I'm still awesome.