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Postby crunchBWZ » Fri Aug 31, 2012 2:18 pm

Name: BWZ

In-game name: CrunchBWZ

Age: 23

Where are you and when can you play? Midwest (Ohio), I have classes every day of the week as well as work, so I play when I can.

Share some things about yourself outside of video games:
Went to college in Indiana, left for two years and worked in Bulgaria, Japan and the US. Afterwards I transferred to another school, studied abroad in Hong Kong and most recently I just got back from living for a year in Japan. I'm can speak Japanese and can speak a good amount of Bulgarian and I can read Chinese.

Teamspeak is required. Can you get on and at least listen to Teamspeak? Yeah

How did you hear about us and why do you want to join?
I played with FS for a few years in PS1.

Do you prefer to play any certain roles in-game or are you comfortable jumping from role to role to fit the needs of the situation?
I'm comfortable jumping from role to role, but in PS1 I was primarily an engineer/medic and an AirCav pilot.

What can you bring to the table?
I played competitively in CS1.6 and Source as well as in BF2. I listen to orders well and carry them out well in gaming and in life. I'm also a good leader, crowd-sourcing ideas but able to make the right decision when it counts.

What do you expect out of Forgotten Soldiers members and officers?
I love playing with a group that's tactical but also down for some shenanigans.

In three sentences, brag about yourself:
Modest. Modest Mouse. Modest.
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Re: CrunchBWZ

Postby NoNoKitty » Fri Aug 31, 2012 4:03 pm

Ooo I like Modest Mouse. On random non-tactical nights you're welcome to pump that over TS at a low volume. Oh yeah, and all of your traveling <-totally jealous. Which has been your favorite country so far and why? I can see the appeal of Japan, it's in my top 3 of places to go, but what was Bulgaria like? It seems like it would be an awesome mix of cultures.
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Re: CrunchBWZ

Postby crunchBWZ » Fri Aug 31, 2012 4:24 pm

If you like big cities, then I recommend Japan! I lived in Osaka and Tokyo, but being from the midwest where space is just...bigger, I ended up getting claustrophobic every once in awhile. I would say the culture is about as different from America as it can get (if you're talking about 1st world countries). Everything there is just so foreign at first, and some things just never get any less foreign haha.

Bulgaria was foreign in a different way. While the culture is much closer to ours here in the midwest, it was very interesting to see how an economy could affect culture so much, the gap between rich and 'middle class' was much more apparent there. I loved it all the same though, and I worked hard there so I felt very fulfilled, and since I was working outside during the days and inside only in the evenings, I also felt very peaceful and more close to nature in a way. The people there are very humble and always trying to see the brighter side of things, and very welcoming also.
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