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Postby GeppititusC » Tue Sep 11, 2012 6:55 pm

Name: Rory

In-game name: Radchek

Age: 46

Where are you and when can you play? Yorkshire England, I am currently unemployed so I can play 6AM PT til about 8PM PT, sometimes I may play longer but not always. If I do get a job this will have to be reviewed.

Share some things about yourself outside of video games: I am a self taught Hardware PC Engineer with over 10yrs+ experience. First PC I owned was a 4086 DX33 16Mb RAM. :shock:

Teamspeak is required. Can you get on and at least listen to Teamspeak? Yes, I use a mic & speakers.

How did you hear about us and why do you want to join? I was in PS1 beta where I played with Meatnog which later became "Architects of War", one of the founding outfits on Konreid & when servers merged to Emerald I think it was then we merged to become "Forgotten Soldiers", with other Outfits. I have kept in touch with Morbidpsycho via email.

Do you prefer to play any certain roles in-game or are you comfortable jumping from role to role to fit the needs of the situation? I prefer Support roles, mainly Engineer & Armour driver but I am happy to fill a gap when needed. I am getting better with Reavers, & starting to fly the "big birds".

What can you bring to the table? I have a tactical & strategic mindset, I enjoy Rainbow6 style FPS, I also play RTS. Being able to redefine your objective on a flowing battle-line, where in history you were forced to stick to the plan irregardless of the enemy. TSun-Zu has no place here. Pyrrhic Victories are not in our vocabulary. I am also British, mature & have a dry sense of humour.

What do you expect out of Forgotten Soldiers members and officers? Coordination, understanding & fun. But at the same time knowing when to button up & grind up the enemy.
I yearn for the epic battles of PS1, the unexpected mis-haps [ no Opirr I am not thinking of you] & the waiting for caps/hacks late at night & someone cracks a joke.

In three sentences, brag about yourself: Avid PC Gamer with 100+ games in library including Elite on ZX Spectrum my first game. I am three quarters Irish & have the fire in my blood of Celtic Warriors. I am also a SciFi nut, bring back Blake 7.
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