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[Accepted]Junkyard Application

PostPosted: Sat Oct 13, 2012 2:03 pm
by Junkyardz
Name in-game: JoeDaggett

First Name:Joe

Days you play and what time of day: um a lot, no prior commitments

Age: 31

Do you have the ability to join Teamspeak? yes or mumble or ventrillo

Do you have a working mic/headset? Check

What is your location? Boston, Ma -East Coast, Usa

Reason for wanting to join FS? Was member in Ps1 before i quit

How did you find us/hear about us?Ps2 Forums

How do you feel you can contribute to our outfit? Do you prefer to play any certain roles in game? i'm an avid gamer love to work as a team and communicate love organized attacks and counter attacks. I tend to embrace a leadership role i usually have an opinion and like planing out strategies.

Can you check the forums at least once every few days? We like our members to be active on the forums, so that we can keep our in-game coms tactical.Check

Tell us what you think are a few important aspects of yourself; we're nosy. I used to own a lan center called battlezone, love gaming, hate annoying people, i suck at typing.

Interests outside of Planetside? Do you play other video games, or even do things in the 'great' outdoors? Been playing dayz a lot quit bf3 games a hunk of shit. i fish and love sports.

Anything else you want to say or questions you want to ask? (hint, this is where you make yourself stand out)Eh i'm not looking to stand out just make some friends work together as a team and have fun in planetside 2, i let me game play and Personality make me stand out as i stated before i suck at typing so the less typing i have to do the better or it will just turn into one long run on sentence.